HIV/AIDS 2 Hour Course; English and Spanish

HIV/AIDS Awareness (2 Hour):

Available in English and Spanish
This course is designed for court ordered individuals. This course addresses the following topics:

  • Defining and Understanding HIV and AIDS
  • Transmission and Risk
  • How can we Protect Ourselves and Others
  • HIV testing and You
  • Management of HIV Infection

This course utilizes instruction, handouts, role playing, video and class discussion, in order to assist individuals in making better decisions regarding healthy lifestyle choices. This course is available online or at our offices.

The fee for the online course is 65.00.
Individuals can take this course in the privacy of their own home. Sign up now.

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This course will come as a email attachment. Once the course is read and the test is returned to us by email or mail or delivered in person. One of our Licensed Mental Health Counselor’s will review the test and with a passing score a certificate will be emailed to you.

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