Impulse Control 8 hour (Petty Theft)

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This course meets the requirements for an 4-8 hour Impulse Control Course in Florida and Nationwide.

The course is designed for individuals that have been charged with a misdemeanor; such as petty theft.

Member of FACC, APA, NCPC Psychology Today..

Participants that complete this course will be able to:
*Define Impulse Control Disorders
*Understand reasons why people steal
*Identify Cognitive Distortion
*Understand and utilize appropriate coping skills

How does this work?

  1. Simply, click on the link below to enroll in the course and pay your fee.
  2. Once your payment is received the course material will be sent to you via email.
  3. Read the material and complete the test. The test is open book, so you may review the materials.
  4. Email your test answers back to us. One of our clinicians will score your test. You must get at least 70% in order to pass. You can receive your certificate of completion within 24 hours.

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This course will come as a email attachment. Once the course is read and the test is taken and returned to us by email or mail or delivered in person. One of our Licensed Mental Health Counselor’s will review the test and with a passing score a certificate will be emailed to you.

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Comments About This Course!

Joshua-Fort Carson CO. 09/13/09
Set SMART goals

Daniel-Orlando 09/18/09
What have I learned from taking this course is each day I will find time for at least one recreational activity that I can enjoy

Lina -Kissimmee 10/04/09
I learned to start setting SMART goals to assist me in knowing what I want.

Matthew – California 09/29/2009 writes:
This course for one itself is a stress reliever! The burden of trying to find a convenient, low-cost option was weighing down on me. Here in CA , it was impossible to find anything like this that wasn’t an arm and a leg and in all honesty, will refer people if they happen to get in this kind of trouble. The biggest thing I will be taking away from this course is really think about the strategies, especially using distractions/passions/hobbies as a deterrent. Those things really are small and can be overlooked easily and its something that I need to really try to remember

Dmitry -Orlando 10/14/09
I will control my emotions and try to be realistic,I’ll tell my friends about how silly I was to commit shoplifting.

Christopher-Kissimmee 10/16/09
I will take up a enjoyable hobby and interests to provide distraction and enhance self-esteem.

Darlene -Orlando 10/16/09
Positive Self -TALK

Impulse Control